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Saving Kale

Saving Bok Choy seeds is very easy!

Planting: Direct sow your Red Russian Kale in Spring; generally plant up to the point of soil temperatures reach 80 F. Kale love cool temps and can tolerate hot.  Consider planting early and late season - kale will produce to frost (or later). If you love it, keep planting cutting through the entire season!

Can start indoors or direct seed. Plant at 1/4" depth. Indoors, start 6-8 weeks before last frost - plant out before last frost. Thin to 20" apart.

  • Planting Depth 1/4/"
  • Days to Germ. 3-10
  • Days To Maturity 45-50
  • Full is best and partial sun OK

Harvesting: Harvest through the season for eating. Bok Choy can reach 12-24" tall, however, you can harvest the leaves at any time as it is a leafy cabbage. Bok Choy bolts quickly in high heat. You will want most of your Bok Choy grown in early Summer and early Fall. 

Seed Saving: If you are saving Bok Choy seeds, select the best plants and allow the pods to fully mature without harvesting leaves for eating - let them go!  

  • Allow the pods to mature on the plant
  • Collect the pods when they feel papery and dry. Fully dry pods will open naturally, do not wait too long!
  • When the stems begin to dry, cut the stem below the pods
  • Place the cut stems in a an area to dry. Grocery bags work well and can ensure that seeds will remain in the bag as the pods dry and open.
  • Open the pods between your fingers - over a bag or collection container
  • Place the gleaned seeds in an envelope and store in an airtight container if possible. Consistent cool and dry storage is ideal.
  • Share your seeds!.