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Saving Bok Choy

Saving Bok Choy seeds is very easy!

Planting: Direct sow your Bok Choy in Spring, after danger of frost has well passed. Bok Choy can be prone to bolt quickly in extended cool temperatures and in high heat. You may also choose to plant Bok Choy in partial shade to keep your plants edible, longer. Bok Choy is also excellent as a late summer planting. If you love it, keep planting it through the season!

Plant at 1/4-1/2" depth. Thin to 6-10" apart

  • Planting Depth 1/4/"
  • Soil Temp. Germ. 70˚F
  • Days to Germ. 4-7
  • Days To Maturity 45-50
  • Full and partial sun

Harvesting: Harvest through the season for eating. Bok Choy can reach 12-24" tall, however, you can harvest the leaves at any time as it is a leafy cabbage. Bok Choy bolts quickly in high heat. You will want most of your Bok Choy grown in early Summer and early Fall. 

Seed Saving: If you are saving Bok Choy seeds, select the best plants and allow the pods to fully mature without harvesting leaves for eating - let them go!  

  • Allow the pods to mature on the plant
  • Collect the pods when they feel papery and dry. Fully dry pods will open naturally, do not wait too long!
  • When the stems begin to dry, cut the stem below the pods
  • Place the cut stems in a an area to dry. Grocery bags work well and can ensure that seeds will remain in the bag as the pods dry and open.
  • Open the pods between your fingers - over a bag or collection container
  • Place the gleaned seeds in an envelope and store in an airtight container if possible. Consistent cool and dry storage is ideal.
  • Share your seeds!.