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Saving Beans

Saving Hopi Beans

Saving bean seeds is very easy!

Planting: Direct sow your Hopi Bean in Spring, after danger of frost has passed. The soil temperature should be 70˚ or higher when planting. Hopi Beans are pole beans - they climb and a trellis or other support should be used for best production.

Sow pole beans from late spring to very early summer. Sow pole beans 3 seeds per hole 1-2" deep, 8” between hole and trellis rows 4’ spacing. Thin to 6-8” apart.

  • Planting Depth 1-2”
  • Soil Temp. Germ. 70-95˚F
  • Days to Germ. 3-7
  • Days To Maturity 90
  • Full Sun, Moist Well Drained

Harvesting: Harvest through the season for eating as new pods will grow. Hopi Beans are excellent for refried beans, in chili, soups and salads. The more mature the pods, the more protein potential.

Seed Saving: If you are saving Hopi Beans seeds, select the best plants and allow the pods to fully mature without harvesting pods for eating - let them go!  Keep the Hopi Beans apart from other varieties - minimum 20 feet.

  • Allow the pods to mature on the plant
  • Collect the pods when they feel papery and dry - beans will rattle in pod
  • Dry the pods/beans for two weeks - the beans need to hard where your fingernail does not dent the bean
  • Remove beans from pods
  • You can also place the seeds in a freezer for a week to kill any eggs from bugs (not generally an issue but a possibility pending growing conditions)
  • Place beans in envelope and store in an airtight container if possible. Consistent cool and dry storage is ideal.
  • Share your seeds!

Home Gardeners:

  • Allow the plants (that will be used to save your seeds) to grow fully - eat off other plantings for best results.
  • Bean seed pods grow brittle and will turn light brown. When most of the pods have turned, cut the stalks and place them in a container (paper grocery bags work well.
  • Keep the bag open and in a dry area. Moisture can cause the seeds to rot and become unusable.
  • Allow the pods to dry - the seeds will be hard such that they cannot be dented with a fingernail. Take care not to lose seeds from pods opening
  • Seed release very easily from pods once properly dried. Generally, you can rub the pods open and seeds will fall out - glean seeds back into a paper bag to ensure no seed loss (seeds flying everywhere!)
  • Glean the seeds of pods and stalks
  • Store in cool and dry conditions. Stable, low temperatures are best. Any storage place that is susceptible to condensation must be avoided.
  • Your arugula seeds can be expected to remain viable for about 3-6 years.