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Books We Recommend

Books We Recommend


Guide to Rocky Mountain Vegetable Gardening  Robert Goughs

Gardening When It Counts   Steve Solomon

 How To Grow More Vegetables  John Jeavons

The Market Gardener   Jean-Martin Fortier

Medicinal Herb Grower  Richo Cech

Epic Tomatoes  Craig LeHoullier

The Heirloom Life Gardener  Gettle, Jere and Emilee and Meghan Sutherland

Gardening The Arid Land  Robert Gerard


The Complete Book Of Garlic   Ted Jordan Meredith

Growing Great Garlic   Ron L. Engeland

Saving Seeds

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties   Carol Deppe

Seed To Seed   Suzanne Ashworth

The Seed Garden  Seed Savers Exchange/Four Season Harvest

The Organic Seed Grower   John Navazio

Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener  Joseph Tychonievich


 Greenhouse Operation and Management  Paul V. Nelson

Sustainable Farming

You Can Farm   Joel Salatin

Pastured Poultry Profits  Joel Salatin

The New Organic Grower    Eliot Coleman

The Winter Harvest Handbook  Eliot Coleman

Four Season Harvest   Eliot Coleman

Introduction to Permaculture  Bill Mollison

Eco Farm  Charles Walters

Growing Profits/Backyard Nursery  Michael Harlan

Carrots Love Tomatoes  Louise Riotte

The Biological Farmer  Gary Zimmer

The Last Ranch  Sam Bingham

Natural Insect and Disease Control  Ellis and Bradley

Artisan Farming  Richard Harris

Homegrown Wholegrains  Sara Pitzer

Growing and Selling Fresh Cut Herbs    Sandie Shores

Weeds, Control Without Poisons  Charles Walters

Successful Small Scale Farming  Karl Schwenka

Sell What You Sow  Eric Gibson

Transplant In Soil Blocks  David Tressemer

The Good Life  Scott & Helen Nearing


The Compost Tea Brewing Manual  Dr. Elaine Ingham

Building Soils for Better Crops  Fred Magdoff, Harold Van ES

Let It Rot Stu Campbell

The Worm Book Nancarrow & Taylor

On Farm Composting Handbook  Robert Rynk

The Soul of Soils  Grace Gershuny, Joe Smille

The Rodale Book of Composting  Grace Gershuny

Healthy Soil  by Fine Gardening