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Happy 2017 - The Sun Will Shine!

Bryon Pike garden preparation

high altitude garden

... And it'll rain, snow in some places. The bees and hummingbirds will come as in thousands of years before. Plants will grow. Give paper/pixel thin unreality a break and daydream for a few about next summer's garden!

We just wanted to send out a quick note to let you know we're thinking of our gardeners and looking ahead to 2017!

First though, some 2016 business:

  • Hope everyone had peaceful, fun Winter holidays.
  • We had some great testimonials from folks growing the 2016 line, and would love to hear more and see your photos!
  • Thanks are in order to everyone who checked us out, bought and grew our seeds in 2016. We can't do what we do without you, so much gratitude and love to our gardeners!

Moving on to 2017, while you guys were growing, we were too, getting ready: 

  • We're currently waiting for germination tests on the new line to come back - standard operating procedure for a seed company, makes sure everything will grow to your expectations and the USDA's.
  • Lots of new varieties are on the way, and of course old favorites.
  • As always the 2017 line will be open pollinated, and pesticide free. 

Spring will be here soon. Look for exciting new goodies on the site here toward the end of February!

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