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Edible Family Values

Bryon Pike blessing healthy food nourishment

Most spiritual traditions believe in blessing food before it's consumed, which seems like a pretty good idea. 

Whether one looks at it from a scientific or spiritual perspective, or both, it's easy to be awed by how soil, water, air, seeds and sun become the food that sustains us.

Beyond stated blessings though, no matter how heartfelt and earnest, it's interesting to think that the power of food begins with how the plants that become our nourishment have been cared for.

Heirloom seeds have been cared for through generations of people and tradition. Open pollination expresses genes in harmony with environment via bees, wind and other natural forces.

Not dousing the environment with toxic pesticides and fertilizers seems an additional way to keep 'blessings' as well as ourselves intact.

Not to go overly metaphysical, but if you believe in blessing your food, or just feel a sense of gratitude for the nourishment received from the environment, there may be more to blessings than words alone.


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